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About Us

Monitoo was born to create a future where all teams understand the internal workings of their members and their abilities, both in the office and remotely. By using our cloud-based employee productivity monitoring platform, we are dedicated to collecting and analyzing data to provide the most comprehensive, data-driven insights to enhance team collaboration and maximize performance. We are passionate about creating a more productive and transparent work environment: an environment driven by data, intelligence, insights, and above all, privacy.

Our mission

Monitoo has undergone an upgrade, evolving from a simple employee monitoring tool to become a powerful productivity platform that respects the privacy of each individual. Now, in addition to providing visibility and insights into your team, we strengthen trust and transparency between companies and employees. We believe that productivity is not just about surveillance but extracting maximum learning from the team's digital activities in today's work. By analyzing this data, we can understand how work is done, how teams interact, how employees learn and improve, and of course, how to optimize results. It's more than monitoring; it's driving productivity with intelligence!


At Monitoo, we strive to be a leader in advancing computing solutions that you can trust. We believe in the power of technology to enhance life, and our innovative products are designed with that in mind. Our commitment to social responsibility and respect for your data is what drives our growth. We create affordable, tailor-made solutions, focusing on diversity and inclusion, to ensure a sustainable future for all.

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