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Join the Monitoo Partner Program to develop and nurture profitable, long-term relationships with your customers while improving Organizational Security, Compliance and Productivity.

Managers are being challenged to understand and manage their teams' productivity as more organizations adopt remote and hybrid work environments.

Our partner and reseller program is in a unique position to help you, given its already important role in organizations where you prioritize technology needs and evaluate your demands related to supporting employees in hybrid and/or remote modes.

With Monitoo, you can help your customers gain visibility into:

Working hours and productive time, per day and week between individuals and teams.

Workload balance, burnout risk, and productivity trends.

Which apps and websites are used the most and least.

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One Platform. A lot of opportunities!

Solidity and Transparency

Partners mean the world to us, so we make it easier to do business and succeed together.

Enhance your IT service

Align your business with the most sought-after workforce productivity and analytics solution.

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Simple program with intuitive processes and tools that make it easy to do business with us.

Customer loyalty

Delight your customers with greater security, compliance and employee productivity.

We are greater together!

When you join our reseller program, you gain access to " "product discounts, free skill training and initiatives" "joint marketing collaboratives


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